Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts
Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts
Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts
Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts
Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts
Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts
Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts

Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts

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Biotest's Superfood contains 18 potent whole-food extracts of non-GMO berries, fruits, and vegetables freeze-dried and concentrated into a tiny 5-gram serving. Based on USDA standards, you'd need 10-12 servings of high-quality berries, fruits, and veggies to match Superfood's power to neutralize free radicals. Superfood also contains an array of phytonutrients chosen for their unique health benefits:*


  • Inflammation fighting, heart healthy polyphenols*
  • Vision protective lutein*
  • Metabolism and immunity boosting EGCG*
  • Prostate protective lycopene*
  • Estrogen-fighting indoles*

18 potent Whole-Food Extracts of Non-GMO

Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts Benefit

Supplies Potent
Healthy Polyphenols*

Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts Benefit

Boosts Immunity
& Metabolism*

Superfood 18 Whole-Food Extracts Benefit

Combats Environmental

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Nathanael L.
United States United States


I mix it with electrolyte drinks and it gives me a boost for work and the gym.

Nathanael L.
United States United States

Real food supplements

I usually stack it with a pre workout. Huge energy burst, followed by mood enhancement.

Jason E.
United States United States

Excellent product!

I love this superfood mix. There’s only quality ingredients and no spirulina or other grasses in it.

Ryan s.
United States United States

Take it everyday

This is a staple for both my wife and I. Best bang for buck out there

Glenn B.
United States United States

Use it every day

One supplement I never consider doing without.

A T Nation Biotest Store Customer
United Kingdom United Kingdom

really high quality

Love this product, definitely helps me get what I don’t in my normal meal planning and supplementation!!!!

terryl m.
United States United States


This has become a regular, and one of my favorites, in my supplement regimen. Highly recommend it.

Thomas S.
United States United States

Healthy part of my day.

I add a scoop to my protein shakes almost daily. I also take the Biotest Curcumin with Piperine. I only wish it was included in this mix.

David H.
United States United States

Powerful ingredients, great flavor

It is so easy and tasty. I just add a scoop of this to my good-morning protein shake and I'm set. It adds some great flavor - I don't even know how to describe it. I have read a few reviews saying they don't like this new flavor as much, but I can't tell the difference from the previous flavor. It is a light, sort of fruit flavor. Tasty, and not overbearing. So good to know I am getting a bunch of nutrients.

Bryce H.
United States United States

Love This Stuff!!

I had been dragging with low energy for weeks. At 63 I thought my age had finally caught up to me. But two weeks ago I started taking Superfood in my morning coffee on non-workout mornings and suddenly I was alert and not dragging. I would take Superfood AFTER my workout on lifting mornings, and it has had the same effect. This is my new go-to supplement!

Russell L.
United States United States

Good stuff!

I don’t feel a huge surge of energy when I take it but I know that my body is getting the nutrients that it needs.

Brian P.
United States United States

Works for me

I like the blend, lets face it its tough To eat that variety of fruits veggies, Much less keep it fresh. Superfood is a convenient way to do it.

Sean F.
United States United States

Super Human

Love this product, definitely helps me get what I don’t in my normal meal planning and supplementation!!!!

David J.
United States United States

I like the idea.

Mixes easily into smoothie. Fairly neutral flavor. I like the idea of getting the benefits of the various fruits and vegetables in the ingredient list. I hope it’s doing something good for me.

terryl m.
United States United States


This is a very good product. It is a regular part of my supplement regimen. Personally, I preferred the taste of the old formula better. However, I just mix it with my protein powder and taste great. Would definitely recommend this supplement to anyone

Dave S.
United States United States

Great supplement


A T Nation Biotest Store Customer
Gareth S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Daily essential!

My morning wouldn’t feel the same without it! in addition to flameout and I-well I consider this a daily essential to fill in the gaps in my nutrition.

William H.
United States United States


Clumpy, hard to mix.

Tom R.
United States United States

Love it

Suprfood is fantastic. Tastes great, keeps me healthy

Disco D.
United States United States


I mix it in my post workout shake or morning shake and you can't taste it much. It def adds a bitterness to the shake. I've noticed the increased energy from the product on several occasions. I know I don't eat enough veggies so I use this in place of them. 4-strs just due to the cost of the product. Also, I cut the bag open and dump the product into a smaller container which is easier to access.

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